Prolo in Shoulder Follow Up

Five days since prolo therapy injections in my right shoulder and there is little pain and full range of motion. Prior to the injections I could not sleep lying on my right side, either with my arm up or tucked under as the pain in the shoulder was too great. Already I am sleeping on my right side with arm raised.

It is pretty impressive how quickly the injections can work. He did at least 6 shots in the front of my shoulder and another 6 in the back with an additional one right into the joint. For two days the inflammation prevented full range of motion and now in the fifth day motion is not only restored but already greater than before the shots.

The prolotherapy injections may not be pleasant, given the size of the needles and the fact that the protocal calls for the needle to be touching the bone, but it is certainly effective. I can’t recommend it enough. I have had bad pain in my shoulder for at least 4-5 months and within 5 days it is gone. I don’t care how painful the treatment for shoulder tendonitis is, and it was not that painful, it is certainly worth a half hour of pain for such a quick cure.

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