Prolotherapy for Achilles Heel

My heel had been killing me for months. So many pains throughout my body had come from my car accident and early on the doctor had treated my foot. I was a bit surprised that foot pain could have been caused by the accident, but when he explained the impact of a foot on the floor of a car and the frame being hit at 30mph or so, it became clear that easily could have caused it. As the spasms in my neck released and my back began to heal, other pains in my body became much too prominent.

An achilles tendon injury can also be caused in exercise or sports. Too often the tendon is strained and ligaments injured. Prolotherapy helps the body strengthen the weakened or injured ligaments and tendons using the body’s own repair mechanisms. If the damage is severe enough, such as the tendon separating from the bone, only surgery can repair it. But most injuries in this area are strains and can be helped dramatically with Prolotherapy.

At this point I have had two treatments, a month apart. The first consisted of several shots on either side of the achilles tendon. A month later the doctor increased the potency of the “medicine” from 15% glucose to 25% glucose and injected directly into the insertion point at the back bottom of the heel. Since that was a single shot, and he had just given me shots elsewhere complete with numbing with lidocaine, he did that single shot without anesthetic. It was not pleasant. Still, I would do it again, for the pain has subsided substantially. I’m looking forward to one more shot in that area to complete the treatment as it appears to be one of the more stubborn injuries. I’ve felt the imporvement, but it is not yet healed.

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