Prolotherapy for Neck Pain Follow Up

I was surprised. All the other times I have had prolotherapy, I have had a considerable amount of stiffness in the are on the following day. The day after shots in my neck, I felt no such stiffness. In fact, other than where the needles went in, I felt very little pain or stiffness in the area.

What was apparent though is that the neck is indeed connected to all the other areas. I found that my middle back had much more movement of vertebrae than I had previously experienced while stretching. By movement I mean those little cracks or adjustments that you can feel as you stretch or twist.

n short, I was surprised at how much the neck affected the rest of the back and the shoulders. It has now been almost a week and I have definitely noticed a difference, an improvement in my back and shoulders as a result of the prolotherapy shots on my neck.


2 thoughts on “Prolotherapy for Neck Pain Follow Up”

  1. So, what was the long term effect of the cervical prolotherapy? Have you had to do it since this post? Did it relieve any pain or did it just make you feel more stable? Thank you for any information you can share.

  2. Thanks for asking. I did not need additional treatments until I had a car accident in October 2011. At that time I had major whiplash which lasted 6-9 months and was eventually released by neuro-prolotherapy. After the whiplash healed, it became clear there was much pain and instability in my neck. Two more treatments and now I have not had a pain in the neck in over 9 months.

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