Prolotherapy on Lower Back FU

Had prolotherapy on my lower back on Monday, and a follow up visit to the doctor yesterday, Thursday. The doctor took a quick look and was pleased that three days after the treatment, in which I had about 40 shots into the lumbar and sacral areas of my back, that the needle holes had healed and could not even see them. Interesting. As he tells me whenever I ask a question about what I can expect from a particular prolotherapy treatment, “everyone responds differently.”

I have experienced a fascinating sensation this week while working out. One of the exercises I do is to roll on a foam roller. This often leads to a realignment of the spine and sometimes I get the sensation that some people refer to as a cracking of the back. Also I lift one leg and cross it across the body, which also leads to a simiar “cracking” or realignment of the vertabrae in the lower back. when they are misaligned and this adjustment takes place, it usually feels very good.

This week I have noticed the inflammation in the lower back, the area treated on Monday, to the point where it is difficult to put all my weight on the foam roller when it gets down to that area. I had a similar sensation and sensitivity when I had the prolotherapy for my upper back pain a few weeks ago.

Now I have noticed in both areas that there is very little realignment going on as I stretch, roll on the foam, or turn my hips trying to get a crack. In fact, I almost feel as though I can feel how the ligaments have tightened things up so that the misalignments are not happening as much. I’m no doctor, so I can’t say that is what is happening, but it feels that way.

I also feel like I can feel the difference between my muscles and the ligaments. Perhaps I can and perhaps I can’t. Part of this comes with my new knowledge of what each of them does, and part comes with the prolotherapy treatments specifically designed to help the body strengthen and repair the ligaments. I definitely feel the difference in my shoulders and am now starting to differentiate the feelings in my upper and lower back as well.



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