Prolotherapy Upper Back Ribs 2nd Follow Up

It has been almost 2 weeks since my treatment on my upper four ribs on my back left side.In my first update I thought that the pain in the area was a result of the muscle spasms that I had before the treatments. I thought that either it had not healed or that I re-injured the area by either doing the wrong exercises or over doing the right ones. The past week and a half having given me a different perspective.

I now believe the pain in the area is a result of the prolotherapy shots. In fact, the purpose of prolotherapy is to cause inflammation and to spur the body to renew the healing process. Often when ligaments have been injured the healing process gets interrupted and chronic pain ensures. Prolotherapy inspires the body, using all natural injections, to renew the healing process. Inflammation first, then healing.

What I learned from my initial prolotherapy treatments on my shoulders was that muscle pain tends to sunside pretty quickly after the shots. Thus I now conclude that the pain in my upper back is not a muscle spasm but related to the inflammation caused by the shots. When I do certain exercises, or if I find myself standing all day as when I helped a friend in her florist shop for Mother’s Day, the treated area hurts. However, although the pain feels similar to a muscle spasm, it is not. In fact, the pain subsides much quicker than if it were a result of a spasm as well.

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