Prolotherapy Upper Back Ribs Follow Up

Saturday morning I woke, knowing that my back had been treated, but not in a great deal of pain. After each treatment the doctor cleans the area and puts gauze on top, holding it all in place with special medical tape. On the back and shoulders the tape tends to peal and as it comes off bit by bit, it is uncomfortable. So I just ripped it off.

The doctor had told me to leave the bandages on for 2-3 days to ensure healing from the puncture wounds in the skin and prevent infection. He also shared that when he does the treatments in Honduras, they don’t even put bandages on afterward and he has never had an infection. So I’m fine with leaving them on for a day and then removing them.

For both Saturday and Sunday, the pain was no worse than it had been before the treatments, meaning that all I really felt was the same pain I had had from the muscle spasm. even that pain seemed to subside a bit over those two days. In fact, on Saturday I went for a long walk and spent a couple of hours sitting on a rock on the banks of a reservoir talking with a friend.

On Sunday morning I played an hour of basketball. Sure it ached a little, but not so much I could not play! That pretty much sums it up right there. It still hurts a bit, but less from the shots themselves and more from the spasm. Monday morning I went to the gym and might have strained it a bit again doing situps. I need to abck off a bit, something I hate to do. But the important thing to note is that I’m feeling well enough to push myself.

I saw the doctor and again we confirmed that the shots had helped my left shoulder as well.  Still waiting for all the pain to leave my scapula area alone, but again, that is more from the spasm than the prolotherapy injections.

Next treatment will be in 2 weeks after the doctor gets back from a trip. We’re doing the right shoulder again. Looking forward to a little tennis before then, though not sure how the current level of pain will be with tennis. I think i should be able to hit though.

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