Prolotherapy on Right Shoulder

Yesterday morning I had shots in my right shoulder which had been bothering me for months. I don’t recall how I hurt it, possibly from the car accident over a year ago for which I have been being treated. But with all the other major pains in the neck and the lower back from the accident, i hadn’t really noticed the shoulder that much until a few months ago. It was painful enough that I could not sleep on my right side.

As with all shots of dep prolotherapy, the Dr started by pressing to identify the injured areas. Pain when pressed indicates a damaged ligament and a spot for a shot. In addition to the shot right into the joint, he did a half dozen spots on the back of the shoulder and about a half dozen on the front.

After identifying the spots for the shots, the Dr cleans the area with antiseptic and then shoots the area with several shots of lidacain to numb the area. The numbness will not remove all the pain from the shots, but it will dull the pain and limit it substantially.

Last month the Dr. gave me a single shot in my heel without numbing the area first. I can assure you that numbing is preferred. This time the numbing makes the shots in and around the shoulder easy to tolerate. Only when the Dr has to switch syringes and forgot which of two spots he did and so redid them both, did I feel a shot of real pain as he shot the medicine into an area he had just shot. Also, one of the shots hit a capillary just below the surface of the skin and there was a good amount of blood, or so he told me. I did not look and it stopped with pressure after a few minutes.

Overall, the shots are worth the half hour of pain getting them and the 36-48 hours of stiffness that will ensue as the body goes to work healing the shoulder ligaments. Coming up on 36 hours, it already is feeling better.

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