Nerve Prolotherapy for Back Pain

Yesterday afternoon I had another prolotherapy treatment. It was supposed to be a second treatment of Subcutaneous Prolotherapy (smaller needles, injections into the nerves rather than the ligaments) for my left shoulder and the left upper back. But last Friday i overdid the exercise again and my lower back went into spasm again. So, even though it has only been less than 3 weeks since the first lower back prolotherapy into the ligaments, we decided to treat the area again, but this time the nerves instead of the ligaments directly.

The subcutaneous injections hurt much less than the injections into the ligaments. The needles are much smaller and go much less deep. In fact, no lidacain is used to even numb the area. The needles are probably the same size s those that would be used to inject the lidacain. Still, injections into that sensitive an area are not without their pain.

But the great thing about injections into the nerves is that they take away virtually all the pain for a day or two. I went out last night, watched a baseball game and then had a picnic and my back felt better than it had all week. It wasn’t until tonight that the pain started to come back.

So the challenge of the subcutaneous prolotherapy is how long it lasts and how often it needs to be repeated. Right now, I’m leaning toward the ligament shots as being more effective, but have not yet had multiple treatments into the same area of either type of prolotherapy.

Stay tuned for more as my treatments progress.

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