Prolotherapy for Sciatica

I woke up on Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. writhing in pain. It had been so long since I had nerve pain I had forgotten how painful it was. I didn’t even recognize it as sciatica at first. I didn’t have the usual spasm on my left or right side in the lower back which in the past had accompanied sciatic pain. Clearly this time something was triggering the nerve without triggering the spasms. Small comfort.

The good news was that the pain was equal on both sides. In fact, the pain started int he lower back and went down both the front and back of both legs. While that meant twice as much pain, it also meant that I was in balance. When I finally got to the doctor this morning, he confirmed that mechanically I wasn’t in bad shape. That of course didn’t help alleviate the pain.

With an important appointment in the afternoon, I told him I need something to alleviate the pain, that the vicodin just wasn’t doing it. He decided that neuro-prolotherapy was the answer. And it was.

Neuro prolo, unlike deep prolotherapy which uses long needles to inject “medicine” right at the bone, uses tiny needles to inject the medicine just below the skin. The “medicine” numbs the nerves which in time help calm the nerves deep below. It had worked on my whiplash months ago and I was looking forward to it working on my lower back and legs. And indeed it did.

The doctor injected my lower back, following the nerve pain right down into my buttocks and down my leg. The pain began to subside almost immediately and within 2 hours I was feeling fine. It is now 11 hours since the injections and the nerve pain is very slight. I’m looking forward to my first decent night sleep all week.

Neuro prolotherapy requires multiple treatments a week or so apart. But this time, it certainly solved my immediate problem. I’m hoping it lasts.

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