Prolotherapy for Neck Pain Follow Up

I was surprised. All the other times I have had prolotherapy, I have had a considerable amount of stiffness in the are on the following day. The day after shots in my neck, I felt no such stiffness. In fact, other than where the needles went in, I felt very little pain or stiffness in the area.

What was apparent though is that the neck is indeed connected to all the other areas. I found that my middle back had much more movement of vertebrae than I had previously experienced while stretching. By movement I mean those little cracks or adjustments that you can feel as you stretch or twist.

n short, I was surprised at how much the neck affected the rest of the back and the shoulders. It has now been almost a week and I have definitely noticed a difference, an improvement in my back and shoulders as a result of the prolotherapy shots on my neck.


Prolotherapy for Neck Pain

I haven’t posted for several weeks, but that does not mean I haven’t been getting injections. I feel like the bionic man in some ways, with the goal of rebuilding myself to be better than before. I have now had prolotherapy several times each in my lower back, both shoulders, upper back, and now the area that ties it all together, the neck.

Today was my first treatment on the neck, and it will be my last. It is not that it is more painful than the others, but the idea and execution of large needles going into that area is not just not pleasant, it strikes fear into me, and there are few things I fear. But recently I have come to way risks and benefits much more closely than I have in the past, and I am just not in enough pain to justify having that area treated again. The odds of a mistake are very low, but the consequences when poking around the neck just seem too high to justify even the tiny risk. That said, I did do it.

It has beenĀ  less than an hour and I have not experienced any dizziness or vertigo which the doctor told me I might. This is good. The novacain is starting to wear off and I can feel where the needles went in. I’m sitting on the couch, not lying down, and am not uncomfortable.

The prolotherapy shots themselves where no different than in other areas. Some of them I felt the needle go in and others I felt the fluid being injected. Probably a dozen or fifteen shots in total to stabilize the area, and while the doctor always tells me to leave the dressing on for 2 days, I will take it off as I shower tomorrow.

One thing that I have found, especially from the shots in the lower back, is that the prolotherapy definitely stabilizes and tightens up an area. By tightens up, I don’t mean making it harder to stretch. Before prolo I would lie on my back,lift one leg and move it across my body touching my toe to the floor. That would often “crack” my back and I would feel better as the vertebraeĀ  moved back into alignment. Now that rarely happens as the vertebrae don’t move out of alignment and the area feels much better. I expect a similar effect with the prolotherapy on my neck.

Stay tuned. We shall see.