Prolotherapy on Elbow

Almost three years ago, my aikido teacher called me up in front of a seminar to do a demonstration of a throw preceded by an elbow lock. Normally in aikido, when you want someone to stop applying pressure you tap the mat or slap yourself indicating that you and your joints have gotten a good stretch but that they are at their limit and further pressure will cause injury. This time I did not slap and he applied more pressure expecting me to. That is when my elbow popped, and you could hear the pop across the very large room. That afternoon I managed to have it put back in place, but the elbow never quite heeled fully. The pain, not unlike tennis elbow, would return intermittently.

This treatment was one of the shortest the doctor has done on me. After the normal marking, cleaning, and numbing of the area, the doctor gave me four shots into the elbow and surrounding area. It is now two months later and I am not sure that he treated the area aggressively enough and will be returning for more treatments.  Of course it is possible that he did all he could do and that the elbow or my injury in particular is more difficult to stimulate healing and needs multiple treatments. I clearly feel an improvement at this point, however it is also clear that I can benefit from more.