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Hi there! I’m Joshua. I’m about 52 years old, male, and I practice the martial art of aikido. I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years and for the last 10 or so I was considerably overweight. Six months ago, after a 4 hour seminar, I was exhausted and was complaining that I was “too old for this.” Then I looked around the room and figured out that I wasn’t too old, I was just out of shape. So I lost 35 pounds. Unfortunately I also blew out my back along the way and I’ve done some pretty serious damage to my shoulders, neck, and knee over the past few years too. Then, while I was just starting to work my way back to the mats, I learned about prolotherapy.

My ex-brother-in-law is a chiropractor turned physician and he has been talking about prolotherapy for years, but I didn’t really listen. Then, while I was working my way back, I met a doctor who did prolotherapy treatments near me. We talked, I researched, and discovered that Prolotherapy has been around for 75 years and that it is a process which stimulates the body to heal itself. I loved that.

So I thought I’d give prolotherapy a shot. Turns out it was a lot of shots. And so one month after my first treatment and I decided to chronicle the process, building a resource on prolotherapy while I was at it. Ultimately I completed treatment and took 6-9 months off. Then I had a car accident which caused a whole new set of injuries. These posts are a chronicle of my experience with prolotherapy injections. I hope you find it helpful. Please come back often as the resources will be growing regularly.

Now it has been two years since I started this site and I am pleased to see that many people are using it as a resource. I’ve created a listing of prolotherapy doctors and am in the process of creating profiles for them as well. I hope this site will continue to be a resource for those with injuries and chronic pain and will help them discover that Prolotherapy is an excellent alternative to surgery. Most of all, I hope you find it helpful and that it brings you to a place of healing.


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